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University Spine Center is a leading tertiary referral institution for treatment of spine disorders and/or related trauma. Our treatment approach integrates medical management, physical therapy and pain management therapies that address all aspects of care.

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Mason DePasse, MD, orthopaedic trauma surgery fellow at Brown University, in.

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UW Medicine Spine Center uses state-of-the-art clinical care, teaching and research, to provide a cost effective, expert approach to spine care.

“I went from high school to Auburn University for a year. Then I went for three years. “I provide mostly neurosurgical spine care. We don’t do any intercranial (brain).

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(Photo: Pixabay) Turns out, helmet use is associated with reduced risk of cervical spine injury during motorcycle crashes. According to a study conducted at the.

"Our study suggests that wearing a motorcycle helmet is a reasonable way to limit the risk of injury to the cervical spine in a motorcycle crash," said Nathaniel P. Brooks, MD at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics in Madison, in.

Laser Spine Institute, the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. Business.

University Orthopaedic Clinic specializes in spine and overall skeletal health. Visit us in Tuscaloosa, AL for sprains, fractures, tendonitis and other

University of Michigan Neurosciences Program has been leading research, treatment and care of the entire scope of back, neck and spine problems since 1859.

Our Doctors World-class doctors covering the full spectrum of needs The nation’s best and brightest spine care specialists practice medicine at The University of Kansas.

In that case, patients should select the "Other" option, said Dr. Flum, director of the Surgical Outcomes Research Center at the University of Washington in Seattle.Details of the project and an analysis of overall success rates appear in the.

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Benvenue Medical, Inc., a developer of minimally invasive expandable implant solutions for spine repair, today.

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Spine Center. Overview;. M.D., is a sports and spine physician and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation. University of Washington.

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Doctors at The University of Kansas Health System’s Spine Center work as a team to treat everything from back pain and sports injuries to tumors and spinal defects.

University Spine Center · December 12, 2017 · Happy Tuesday Followers ️ Today’s Post Operative X-rays show a stable cervical fusion with instrumentation after a fracture dislocation occurred after a fall.

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Emory University is one of the world’s leading research universities. Its mission is to create, preserve, teach and apply knowledge in the service of humanity.

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Turns out, helmet use is associated with reduced risk of cervical spine injury.

Mobasser obtained his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia and.

Turns out, helmet use is associated with reduced risk of cervical spine injury.

The Duke Spine Center is North Carolina’s most comprehensive, interdisciplinary care center for people with back pain, neck pain and spine abnormalities.

Mark Mikhael, MD, is a board certified orthopedic surgeon at Evanston, Ill.-based NorthShore University Health System. Dr. Mikhael specializes in the surgical treatment of spine disorders, especially in complex cervical spine surgery. He.